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8 days left before hell breaks loose.

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need I say more?

In 8 days one of the craziest and most unpredictable people takes office in the united states..

Is it just me? Or is it scary that the next occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is someone that’s a known racist and a strong supporter of Vladimir Putin, the leader of soviet 2.0.
This is someone that has gone bancrupt several times, refuses to release his tax returns due to “vetting”, have not paid taxes for over a decade, claiming everybody that have a different religion or color passport are a threat that should be “dealt with” in one way or another and the craziest of all, he claims climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese.
he also want to set in place insane toll barriers to make sure there will be little or no import of goods from other countries, (like that will save industry in the country when they can’t import the materials needed anyway..
He also claims he is best at everything, no matter what it is, his answer to criticism is usually something in the direction of “nobody knows *** better than me” or “nobody loves *** more than me”.

This bonehead even claims that public health care is bad and insists that removing the new national health plan is the first thing he is going to do when he gets in office, fully knowing he will be signing the death warrant and/or bankruptcy guarantee for thousands of people that can’t afford or can’t get private insurance due to “pre-existing conditions”. (Such as diabetes, epilepsy, various genetic issues, or simply their home address).
He promised to “drain the swamp in Washington” during his campaign.
Yet, he found a strange way to do that by gathered the richest cabinet in history, mostly consisting of multi billionaires that supported his campaign, are friends and investors in his companies, and various other people that have economic interests that can be achieved easier by having a government position.  (effectivly, he’s putting his own people in strategic positions, this way he and his friends won’t have to spend money on lobbyists).

The funny and most scary thing is that most of the new “ministers” have zero experience or knowledge about the job they have for the next 4 years, most have no political experience at all..
Another interesting thing is that many in the new cabinet are extremists (capitalist and/or religious fanatics) that believing climate change is a Chinese hoax, environmental change is not impacted by man and many are ignorant racists that are terrified of everything they don’t know.

This is going to be scary.. Hopefully Trump won’t be there long before he’s impeached for all his bullshit, or anything else, I’m sure they won’t have much problems finding something to string him up for.



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I have seen an insane increase in spam lately. (comments asking for various information, usually asking what hosting company I’m using since my site is fast to load and various other similar things.)
the common denominators are that they all come from random character gmail addresses and the IP is Chinese.
usually it’s listed in spam databases like stopforumspam
I got 30-something in the last 48 hours.


sunny day in London

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I am in London this weekend and spent the last few hours at the british museum.
too bad I was too late to get tickets for the Vikings exhibit today. would have loved to see that one today.
still, there is always something to do and see there. the funny thing was when I was leaving. there was some jehovas witness people standing outside preaching creationism and explaining “what the bible really teaches”. looked like the lady standing by the other gate selling fried almonds had more business than they did…


A new year has come, and the old is gone.

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3 days into the new year..
it will be interesting to see what will happen in the next 360-ish days.. Time will tell I guess..

I started trying out MS word 2013 for blogging, has been interesting to try.
I have been experimenting with various blogging clients for some time now, Some with more success than others.
I need one that also works on my windows RT tablet AND can post to self hosted WordPress blogs.
So far email posting seems to be the most promising.. word can’t post it for some reason.. account verifies, but posting fails without any explanation why..
guess I’ll figure it out eventually.


Windows azure

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Latelly i have been testing windows azure. Nice system with lots of potential. The internal network function is a bit weird though… Each machine need to use a vpn to connect to it…
Currently i have 3 vm’s there. One win2k12, one sles 11 and one centos.  And a few websites. Works like a charm.



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Bought myself a new NAS box now.
a Synology DS112j and put in a 300GB 10k disk I had laying around.
using it now as an iSCSI target for my ESX server and for some small storage.
works good for handling downloads and video content too. the mediaserver on it is quite nice.


Server working 100%

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Everything is working fine with the server now.
Was able to track down a 2nd hand DRAC5 card for free.
got a bit of a project to get my hands on a descent storage box that can use iscsi, however, that’s expencive..
so far the best choice is a synology nas. cheapest descent one I found was about €120. (+ disk).
I have some 300GB disks, so that would work as a short term solution while I save up money for some more juicy disks.
The good things with those is the scalability since you can plug in external e-sata disks or drive bays.. and the fact that they support iSCSI.
The iomega box I have now doesnt support iscsi or nfs. (and esx doesnt support samba… hyper-V does. so might stick hyper-V 2k12 in on the server at a later stage when the VCP exam is in box.)


This tiny Raspberry Pi Trojan horse could be a cute little backdoor into your corporate network | VentureBeat

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nice setup. something to concider for my raspberry pi. I would use something to power it from ethernet though.. less cables and less fire hazard

This tiny Raspberry Pi Trojan horse could be a cute little backdoor into your corporate network | VentureBeat.


Dell and Oracle entering into partnership.

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Dell and Oracle are venturing into a new Partnership for Dell servers with Oracle software solutions. this could be a great thing. specially for the customers with one partner to deal with in regards to support and cost.

Joint press release between Dell and Oracle.


Server in house.

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So, nothing like ebay to do a good deal.
1x dell poweredge 1950 III with 1x xeon E5430 and 6GB ram. Total cost about €200.
Perfect for esx.
I also got a hold of 4x 2GB dimms. So i can get it to 12GB ram.
Hoping the dimms will arrive tomorrow.

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