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Bought myself a new NAS box now.
a Synology DS112j and put in a 300GB 10k disk I had laying around.
using it now as an iSCSI target for my ESX server and for some small storage.
works good for handling downloads and video content too. the mediaserver on it is quite nice.


Server working 100%

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Everything is working fine with the server now.
Was able to track down a 2nd hand DRAC5 card for free.
got a bit of a project to get my hands on a descent storage box that can use iscsi, however, that’s expencive..
so far the best choice is a synology nas. cheapest descent one I found was about €120. (+ disk).
I have some 300GB disks, so that would work as a short term solution while I save up money for some more juicy disks.
The good things with those is the scalability since you can plug in external e-sata disks or drive bays.. and the fact that they support iSCSI.
The iomega box I have now doesnt support iscsi or nfs. (and esx doesnt support samba… hyper-V does. so might stick hyper-V 2k12 in on the server at a later stage when the VCP exam is in box.)


pc chassis with built in screen and keyboard

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and one of my crazy projects are back in business.
a computer case with a built in flatscreen and keyboard.

the box is gonna be aprox. 14″ across, and 4″ deep.
in the front its gonna have a 12,1″ lcd, and a slide-out keyboard.
inside its gonna be a 15×15 mini ITX mainboard with a via cpu and 256MB ram.
I’m allso gonna put in a 60GB ide hardisk.
external contacts are gonna be 2-4 USB ports, ps2, serial and paralell ports + 2 ethernet connectors.
I’m allso going to try putting in bluetooth and wlan.
the powersupply will be internal or external, depending on weather or not I can track down a psu for 1u rac mounted servers.
this computer is going to be build entirelly from parts I can scavange here and there.
the only parts that will be bought is the mainboard with built in cpu,graphics and ethernet and the memory.
the box will be built in thin wood plates or aluminium plates, depending on what I can get a hold of.

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