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No internet at home = no WoW.

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Zinit @ 21:40

Since I moved to mexico 3 weeks ago we have not had internet at home, and hence, I have not been able to play WoW.
a little annoying since it would be nice to be seing the xmas decorations in Ironforge. but I guess I will see the screens from other people.
I hope we will get internet before I get the burning crusade expansion set. It gets released on january 16th, wich means I should have it a few days later since I need to have it sent all the way from europe.
still I’m looking forward to trying out the blood elves and draeni..
and raiding the new Outland instances.
Happy newyear to all WoW’ers.



Soon time for WoW expansion set.

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Zinit @ 22:51

I have, as many others been waiting for the “burning crusade” expansion set for WoW. that is sceduled for reoease late this year. some say august, some say september, some even say desember…
I hope its gonna come soon. cant wait to see what new things are gonna be there. I’ve heard its gonna be a new continent, and there is gonna be 2 new races.
I’ll be waiting for it, and I hope its worth the wait.

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