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soon its xmas

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aah, the sun is here, and soon its xmas.. I love spending xmas in mexico, the weather is nice, no snow or cold rain:) and the good company of my wife. what else can one ask for?



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I just talked to my parents, at home in norway its cold and snowing. here its 25-ish degrees and sunny.
I really like it here, nice weather, nice people, good food, great company. what is there to not like??

aah, nice weather:)

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Now I am in Mexico, to be more spesific, I’m in Tampico, a city the size of Bergen located in the middle of the eastern coast.
yesterday I got married to my girlfriend and feancee over many years, and now I’m looking soo much forward to us spending the rest of our lives together. Isabel is the most wonderful woman I have ever met, and I love her with all my heart and soul.


winter is comming..

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and now the winter is coming. outside its freesing.. at least its sun..


one assignment down, one to go.

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finally I got the first out of 2 semester assignments delivered yesterday.
the next is due on monday at 2.pm..
after that I got 3 exams, the last being on the 9th of december.
On the 11th of december I leave for mexico early in the morning. looking soo much forward to seing Isabel again.



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and today after over 2 weeks with rain, it gets worce… now there are floods all over the city, and landslides have started in the surrounding areas.. hopefully the day will pass without loss of lives. at the moment some construction workers are trapped in a house that got caught in a landslide..
really hope this rain stops soon before someone dies..
when this citys draining system cant take away all the water, its raining like crazy. here we got a draining system designed for heavy rain. today the draining is overloaded..


I HATE RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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These last 2 weeks its been raining mostly non-stop. 2 of the days it where a few hours without rain.
And today its pouring, and ofcause, just to complete the nasty weather its a freaking storm too. I’ve got a feeling my umbrella is gonna get more screwed up than it allready is, I’ve gone through 3 umbrellas this last 2 weeks.. The wind have a nasty habit to rip them to shreads, especcially when the wind comes from all direction,, front, back, left, right, up, down.. Soo annoying, and a real mood killer.
Today I woke up looking forward to a good day, and guess what… Looking out of the window really fucked up my day. Unfortunatly I have to go to the city today for school..
Is there anything worce than a combo of pouring rain and stormy winds? I cant think of anything that ruins a good day more than that.


and now, for the winter..

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seems like the winter is on approach, this morning it was freezing,
I’m happy as long as its not raining though, rain and frost is a nasty combo, and here we usually get the 3rd partycrasher,,, the wind..
freezing, wind and rain, turns to a nasty combo..
I’m soo glad I’m outta here in 48 days..
looking soo much forward to going back to mexico for xmas and newyear.


friday, at last.

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Finally its friday, wich fortunatly means that tomorrow I can sleep inn:)
this weekend I got a bit of work to do though… so not much weekend for me:(
at least its not difficult work, just a bit of writing for a few assignments that is due at the end of the month/beginning of next month.



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Today is that day of the year again, the annual Bierstübe at Kvarteret. If you like beer, singalongs in bad german, beer and music.
BE THERE!! or be square.
Eins, zwei, g’sufa!!

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