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And its that time of the year again, all bookstores have sales. studia now has many books for 10 nkr. and 70% discount on more books, mostly very good books..
got 9 books on computer security and system development for under 300:) (one of them cost 200 with a 70% discount..)
I might go back tomorrow and see if I can track down a good apache book, didnt see one today unfortunatly..


long time no blogging…

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havent had much time for blogging latelly due to school and work.
been doing some upgrades now on my webserver, upgraded it with an extra disk (120 gig maxtor) for backup since the system disk it has now is getting old, and its just a matter of time till it calls it a nigth.
I have allso finally started learning spanish, with my feancee as my teacher).


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school has started, most of the classes are really fun. I take 2 AI classes, 1 in computer security and ex-phil.
all are really fun, ex-phil is mostly boring, but I have to take that one befo e I can get my bachellor, so I’d rather get the damn thing over with.


aah, finally

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finally I got a new monitor for my computer, the old one have been ready for the junkyard for quite some time.
the new is a Eizo FlexScan L550 (17″ LCD) amazing how much better the image got. finally my head dont hurt after sitting 2 hours infront of the computer..

in other matters, its finally official, I dont like wind, and I hate rain, and I dispise the combo that we have had for the last week..
hope the rain stops soon..


and now… school starts..

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Now the summer vacation is over, I spent most of it fishing, really nice being on a boat when the weather is nice and sunny.
this week is gonna be the introduction week for new students, and for some reason I’m involved in that… Again…
next week school starts and it seems like its gonna get quite hectic.
this semester I’m taking ex-phil, systems security and artificial intelligence + programming AI. Seems like its gonna be a busy semester.


summer.. finally

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aah, finally we got summer here, the last week or so there has been sun all day, and very warm.. glad I’ve spent most of the days in a boat, (not that hot in a boat.) soon school starts, with ex-phil and AI studies. that can get interesting..



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hmm.. so this is summer.. rain and crappy weather…
these last 2 weeks there have been 2-3 days of sun, the rest have been continuusly rain… I hate rain..
hope the weather gets better soon. in 2 weeks school starts again, and as usual, thats probably when we get several weeks with no rain what so ever, just sun and heat… when there is no time to enjoy it..


long time no blog..

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latelly I havent had much time for typing here, been to molde to meet people I went to school with there 5 years ago.. that was a very nice experience. was good to see that bunch again.
I’ve allso been working on learning spanish, working on some of my many projects, and other things I have posponed for way too long.


aahh finally finished.

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the last week I’ve been playing “the battle for middle earth”. that game is really fun. spent alot of time with it and too little time doing other things.
I strongly reccommend that game to anyone that wants a challenge in real-time strategy.


aaah, finally..

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Finally the exams are done for this semester.
now its on to the next.. getting a job for the summer… wish me luck…

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