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soon its xmas

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aah, the sun is here, and soon its xmas.. I love spending xmas in mexico, the weather is nice, no snow or cold rain:) and the good company of my wife. what else can one ask for?



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I just talked to my parents, at home in norway its cold and snowing. here its 25-ish degrees and sunny.
I really like it here, nice weather, nice people, good food, great company. what is there to not like??

aah, nice weather:)

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Now I am in Mexico, to be more spesific, I’m in Tampico, a city the size of Bergen located in the middle of the eastern coast.
yesterday I got married to my girlfriend and feancee over many years, and now I’m looking soo much forward to us spending the rest of our lives together. Isabel is the most wonderful woman I have ever met, and I love her with all my heart and soul.

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