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No internet at home = no WoW.

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Since I moved to mexico 3 weeks ago we have not had internet at home, and hence, I have not been able to play WoW.
a little annoying since it would be nice to be seing the xmas decorations in Ironforge. but I guess I will see the screens from other people.
I hope we will get internet before I get the burning crusade expansion set. It gets released on january 16th, wich means I should have it a few days later since I need to have it sent all the way from europe.
still I’m looking forward to trying out the blood elves and draeni..
and raiding the new Outland instances.
Happy newyear to all WoW’ers.


And now this year is allmost over..

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So, here we are, december 30th, soon its january 1st.
here in Mexico the weather is great, sunny and warm, and in Norway its cold and wet. some winter we got huh…
I hope the next year will bring snow. and hopefully a really nice summer.


Sad news for nature conservationists all over the world.

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Yesterday came the news that Steve Irwin had died after getting attacked by a stingray, and got the ray’s tailspike through his chest and into his heart.
This is very sad news for the fans of the tv show he had (“the crocodile hunter”). and not to say the least for his familly.
Now the responsibility he has been carrying for Australia zoo and the future of their engagement in concervation around the world lies in the shoulders of his Wife Terri Irwin, his 8 year old daughter Bindi Sue and his 2 year old son Bob.
my regards and condolances to the familly.


Soon time for WoW expansion set.

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I have, as many others been waiting for the “burning crusade” expansion set for WoW. that is sceduled for reoease late this year. some say august, some say september, some even say desember…
I hope its gonna come soon. cant wait to see what new things are gonna be there. I’ve heard its gonna be a new continent, and there is gonna be 2 new races.
I’ll be waiting for it, and I hope its worth the wait.



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Here in Mexico the weather has been very nice for the duration if my vacation here.
the last days its been raining a little though.
we went to Tampico for the weekend. on saturday it was raining like crazy, but on sunday the weather was really nice, so we decited to go to the beach. a very nice place to spend a nice day. after the day at the beach ended, we noticed that we both got a bit sunburned. I got the worst burn though.. probably has something to do with the fact that I’m from a country where we dont have this much sun..
anyway, when we got back to Reynosa early yesterday morning, it was raining here too. and last night we had a real shower.. water came into the house through the windows. kinda annoying having to get up to shut the windows when you finally find a comfortable position to sit while watching tv..

unfortunatly I only got 2 weeks left before going back to Norway.. I wish I could stay alot longer. I really like being in Mexico.


Mexico = a nice country.

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At the moment I’m at a cyber at a mall in Reynosa, outside its hot as an oven, but here its a nice temperature. (long live aircondition).
I’ve noticed that most malls here are BIG. very BIG. alot of stores in one place, and no need to go outside in the heat before going home.
The beaches are very nice, and the seabreese and warm water is perfect:)
another thing i like is that things are alot cheaper here than in norway. (anything that is not computer stuff that is… computer stuff is allmost twice the price as norway).

on thing I dont like though is that there is cocroaches.. big cocroaches..
this morning when I was doing the dishes, a big roach can crawling out of the drain.. how the hell it got in there is a mystery to me. but it ended with the roach waking up dead when I caught it.. getting stept on is aparently one of the few things the little bastards are not able to survive.
I allso saw a rattlesnake when I was on my way to the bus. it was dead though.. looked like it had a rather unfortunate meeting with the tires of a car.
“we remember mister Rattle as a nice family friendly snake that met his demise at a young age. Rest in peace mr. Rattle”


howdy from Mexico

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Now I’m sitting here in Reynosa (northern Tamaulipas, on the texas border).
Its hot, very hot. we had breakfast about an hour ago. and now we are resting a bit before we are going to go downtown in this large industrial city. and since it is an industrial city, thats what it looks like..
One thing I find interesting is that its very difficult to find a descent cup of coffee here. and that electronic stuff is so expencive. (about 15-25% more than in norway).
its not much better in mc. allen. (the name of the same city, just the side that is in texas).

One thing that I have allso missed here is that someone somehow figured out that in a modern computer its enough with 128 or 256MB memory.. at cybers here I have seen that they got good computers, they just dont care about putting enough memory in them.. and the employees say the computers are slow… I got a feeling that it would help to put in more memory than the minimum requirement to run windows XP.
I think one of the reasons why they dont use much memory in computers is cause the memory cost 2-3 times more thn it cost in norway.
there 1 gig DDR2 cost about 700 nkr. and ehre it cost about 1200 nkr for 512MB ddr…
I think they got very high taxes on computer equipment here.

anyway. this cyber is getting incredibly hot. so I’m getting out in the “cold”.



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I’m currently in Mexico. more specific, in Reynosa. here its around 40 degrees celcius outside, sunny and generally quite pleasant.
wish the weather would be something like this in Norway too every once in a while..


a couple of interesting things.

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These couple of weeks there has been little writing on the blog for me. I’ve been busy with many other things.

Last night I went to see the movie “the davinchi code” a very interesting movie, based on Dan Browns bestselling book by the same name.
I really liked the book, its one of the best novels I’ve read in quite some time. So ofcause I had some expectations to the film. and I was really blown away by the way they managed to transform the book into the film.
One of the things that really made me go “WOW” was the incredible CGI graphics. and how special effects was put in so it accually followed the movie without dominating it.
I can clearly see why that book has caused so much debate, but why many religious people see it as a book that can rock the very foundations of christianity is something I cannot understand. Its a novel, NOT a educational book, and it lays no claims what so ever to be a fact book.
The big problem is that many religious societies have a serious problem seing the difference between facts and fiction. The davinchi code is a fiction book wich is based on legends, myths and facts. but it has never been, or never been intended to be a book of pure facts of any kind.

I recommend everybody to read the book and see the movie. While putting their criticism and religious beliefs beside. they have nothing to do with reading a novel or watching a movie.


And USA are playing world president again..

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Here is an article I found in the newspaper today stating that the US are trying to press the norwegian authorities to stop all talks with HAMAS. Why? Because they have the belief that its not a good thing to make peace in the middle east. My theory is that it would cut down on the lucrative business with armsdealing to both sides of the conflict there which have been a large part of the US economy for the last 50 years. (arms dealing to both sides of conflicts all over the world accually).

I find it rather peculiar that the US gouvernment have tyhis twisted view that because they have a insane military force they believe they can rule the world. they got a larger military force than most of the countries in the world combined. and that is cause for concern.
so far its the US president that is the supreme commander of this force, and if he decides to nuke some country, he can on his own initiative, give the command to one of the ballistic subs, and that country gets erased from the map.
At this time the US president is a raving mad man. And that can mount to a big problem. the only thing keeping him in cheq I guess is the knowledge that if he tries to pull a fast one there is another country capable of erasing the unites states from the map, and that one si Russia. the way I see it, they got more power over the US than any other country because they are the only country able to strike back.. too bad they have given themself the status as a “neutral” country on the same line as Sweden and Switzerland.

I hope the next president in the US will understand that there is no need fro that kind of a military force and reallocate some of the military budget to things that matter, like education and health care in the country. (Opposed to bush that increased the military budget as soon as he got the job.) so far the education level and health level in public schools and hospitals have dropped to the lowest in recorded history. And that is in a country defining themselves as “the best country to live in on the planet”. (is that self glorification or what?).

its gonna be interesting to see what bullshit they will try pulling next..

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