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strange things

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Latelly I’ve been watching alot of x-files, when the show was on tv, I rarelly had the time to watch it, so I borrowed the dvds from a friend to see the entire show.
Its quite intriguing accually, to see the incredible imagination of the writers of this show, how they came up with the ideas for the episodes is beyond my comprehension.

The last 15 years I have had a fascination with the supernatural, and especcially with the UFO phenomenon, and I have had a hobby of collecting documents and information about the rumours of the american gouvernments fascination with UFOs and aliens.
It can be rather difficult to screen what parts of the information is genuine and what is bullshit.
unfortunatly about 2/3rds of the info out there is the latter cathegory.


and now for the dumbest idea so far from the white house..

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it seems like the dumbest president in american history has yet again proven his ignorance and moronity.
the latest is that he want to sencur NASAs website, to say that the big bang theory is just a theory, and put in room for the theory of creation, as bush and other relihious fanatics see it.
the article about this in the NY times
article from nasawatch
I guess the next will be that he want to abandon science alltogether and change all schoolbooks with the bible and deeper interpretations of parts of it and other religious texts..


Missing someone sucks..

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now I’ve been in norway for approx. 2 weeks, while my wife have been in mexico.
Being without her is very hard. The first days where the worst, insomnia was not uncommon, still isnt. the only thing that is over, (finally) is the jet-lag from the 7 hour time difference.

If I had the money for it, I would get a ticket for her, so she could come here too. being apart is terrible, we have done that before, then too it has been because we havent had much choice in the matter, either because of work and school, or gouvernment offices that have a hobby of screwing up peoples lives.
If norwegian immigration authorities had been more interested in accually doing their job, and not on obeying every whimper from EU and the US, to allow everybody that are wanted by interpol or war tribunals, there might be more chance for honest people that accually have an intention to work here.
Sometimes I start wondering if the people there get off on wrecking honest peoples lives.
for example: for someone that is married to a norwegian to get a residence permit here, the norwegian have to earn 167 000 kr. so he/she can support their spouse. the only bitch about it is that if the one living in norway is someone that comes from one of the countries the norwegian gouvernment feel sorry for, (at the time I think that is just about every country in the middle east and western asia), they give you a house, and a welfare cheq so you will never have to work again, and can spend your days driving in your brand new BMW. but if you come from any other country that is not a member of EU, or that the gouvernment feel sorry for, your screwed, if you come here to accually make a life for yourself, or to be with your family that happen to be norwegian, your screwed.
where the hell is the logic? have the politicians gotten so caring for their positions that they do everything they can to keep them, and everything to obey what the US and EU sais that they have forgotten that norway is not part of EU or USA.
seems like they have stopped doing their job which is to care about their own country, and not to be puppets for a loonatick in washington, and some powerhungry morons in brüssels.

and some people I know ask me why I’m getting the fuck outta here when I finish my education….
the answer is simple.
I’d rather be with my familly than be in my home country as long as the people gouverning are stupid idiots that care more about their own pointles lives and sallaries than doing the job they are sworn to do in service to their country.

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