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Time for some new writings.

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Here in Mexico it is a strange weather these days.
It has been switching between rain and sun for the last few weeks.
now it is sunny and freesing cold. Some days it has been sunny and scorching hot, and other days it has been raining and freezing cold.
In the mornings our house is very cold, so getting out of bed is not allways easy since its warm under the covers and freezing in the house.
Isabel is at work all day, and I usually sit at a coffee shop at a local mall working on my projects while looking for work and trying to practice my spanish.
We are allso looking for a new house or an apartement on the other side of the city since Isabel has got a new job there and is starting in about 2 weeks.
a one hour commute is not a very tempting thing so we will be moving closer to her new job as soon as we find something.
and when I find something, we will get an internet connection at home. having to go to a cyber to cheq email and chat with people over msn is not a very appealing thing, and it is rather expencive.
It has been a month since I where online on WoW, so it will be interesting seing what have happened there when I get back online, wonder what lvl people I play with have gotten to now. and I am looking forward to trying the new expansion set that is getting released on the 16th. though I will not have it before the end of the month or so. It takes time to send it from europe, since I will be ordering it from amazon.co.uk it will probably take about 3 weeks before I get it.

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