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Here we go AGAIN!!!

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I just read an article in VG..

Interesting how the international society doesn’t say much when Israel attempt ethnic cleansing of the middle east..
Every time Israel attack any area in the Middle East to exterminate “the nasty Palestinians” the international society does NOTHING. All they do is saying it’s not nice.

Why not force Israel to stop? Oh.. That’s right.. Whenever some other country tells Israel to stop, they yell anti-Semitism and blame the other country for racism and whine about a few million Jews that got killed in 1940-45… newsflash: Its 60 fucking years ago! Get over it already!!
I’m just wondering how long its going to take the Claimed land of Israel to realize that there are other people living in the area that have just as much, if not more right to live there as the Jews do.

Who came to the Middle East first? The Arabs? or the Jews?
Who lived there before Moses came with his bunch from Egypt? Did they deserve to get exterminated just because a bunch of people came walking there believing they got the land from god?
Nobody have the right to exterminate another ethnic group just for the hell of it.
Its happened before. And it always ends badly. Last time was in the period 1939 – 1945.

If you read the Old Testament and history books you see the exact same thing many times. The Spanish tried it in their quest for gold in South America, the English tried it in Asia, the French tried it in Africa. Even the Romans tried it, and every single time, it went BADLY!!!!
And now the Israelis try it… again…
How many times is it they have tried to exterminate the Palestinians now? 4? 5?
Its about time they grow up and join modern society.

Israel was given to the Jews as a gift because the UN felt sorry for them for all the Jews that got killed, or got fed up with the whining about their “promised” land.. (I guess we’ll never know which one was the real reason).

What I find interesting though is that they actually managed to take the ONE piece of land on this bloody planet that means a lot to 2 different religions and an unknown number of ethnic groups, and give it to the one group they knew would take over the entire area and refuse entry to anyone that belonged to other people groups or religions!!!
Honestly. How fucking stupid can you get????????

no. I do not hate jews. I just hate people that use tragic happenings in history or religion to justify their own atrocities. the Israelis just happen to be extremely good at both.

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