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på tide

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det var på tide de bygger mer studentboliger i bergen.

første lass er kommet

og neste høst er det hvisst klart til innflytting… tror det ikke før jeg ser det…

good choice

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tested out this new tool for posting blog entries, with the simple name of “blog entry poster”. its in the normal ubuntu repositories.

ofcourse, there are no settings for fonts or anything besides a button for adding links and a button to choose bold text… and It seems like it by default chooses to skip a line when you press enter for a new line…


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testing a new blog poster. (the web interface is kinda annoying at times with low bandwidth)



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jeezz. it worked.

then we are all set.

testing, testing

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trying out using a blog poster I found in the linux mint repositories. does this work??



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It’s weird how much people in general accepts from gouvernment before they start asking questions..
Recently the US gouvernment wanted to post a law giving authorities the right ro spy on the general population’s online activity ( read emails, spy on facebook chat, sms, deceypt your comminication with others).
This would be any time they want, no need for court orderd or warrents.
If thats not invasion of privacy i don’t know what is…



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Testing to post from my phone.
I recently bought a new mobile, the iPhone 3gs. So far it seems to be a good phone. The “intelligent” typing dictionary could use a few language classes, but hopefully it will pick up. For now it cant separate between norwegian and english words. So a Word that has some of the same letters it guesses a random word that has 2 or more of the same letters, allways making the firs letter a capital ofcourse…
Still.. Its better than the T9. And a big keyboard is always good.
One thing I have to say thouh… The exchange integration sucks!!! I had no problem setting up IMAP Mail, but when i tried setting up the exchange mail.. No go. I could not get it working.
Guess its something i missed or something that is disabled on server side.


Dublin weather

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Weird weather here in Dublin… Rains like hell one day, and sunny the next… Then in the evening it rains again…


where is the spring?

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I’m sitting here in Dublin looking out at the clouds…
when I got up this morning to go to work there was clouds, a few hours later it was sunny, by lunch it was cloudy and a few drops in the air. the same when I left work.
now its cloudy and depressing.
the weather forecast for the next 3 weeks??? you guessed it… RAIN!!!
wonder what the statistics on depression is here.. I bet the weather helps on getting those stats up…


Dublin… soooo cold…

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I’m sitting here in dublin wondering where the spring has gone hiding.. it gets around 3-5 below zero at night so when I go to work in the morning its cold as hell.
this morning it was -2 and had been snowing a little during the night so it was a bit white here and there.
guess we should be happy though…..
at least its not raining…

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