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sunny day in London

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I am in London this weekend and spent the last few hours at the british museum.
too bad I was too late to get tickets for the Vikings exhibit today. would have loved to see that one today.
still, there is always something to do and see there. the funny thing was when I was leaving. there was some jehovas witness people standing outside preaching creationism and explaining “what the bible really teaches”. looked like the lady standing by the other gate selling fried almonds had more business than they did…


A new year has come, and the old is gone.

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3 days into the new year..
it will be interesting to see what will happen in the next 360-ish days.. Time will tell I guess..

I started trying out MS word 2013 for blogging, has been interesting to try.
I have been experimenting with various blogging clients for some time now, Some with more success than others.
I need one that also works on my windows RT tablet AND can post to self hosted WordPress blogs.
So far email posting seems to be the most promising.. word can’t post it for some reason.. account verifies, but posting fails without any explanation why..
guess I’ll figure it out eventually.

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