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public wifi in downtown Dublin

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Sitting at Costa coffee in downtown Dublin now. And I see the common thing with public wifi.. its soooo slow that its insane.
The vouchers you get with a code that’s valid for 20 minutes are used before you even get logged on to skype or msn… works for just checking email, but anything else its hopeless. 15 minutes it took to log on to skype and msn… crazy.. at starbucks its faster. And for some reason here its slow as hell for about 10 minutes of the time, then it picks up, and the last 3-4 minutes its actually fast…
Quite weird..
Oh well.. I only use the public ones when my phone has a flat battery.. its faster to charge it when its not being used for connecting to the internet… and the 3G coverage in dublin is terrible anyway… sitting at a shopping center in the middle of the city, and there’s no 3g coverage what so ever…
Guess its true what they say.. when it gets to IT infrastructure, ireland is where the rest of europe was 20 years ago. There are still parts of the dublin area where there’s no gsm coverage…

According to the mobile companies they are setting up new repeaters and antennas all over the place, upgrading the network constantly to be able to cover the entire area. At least there is full 3G coverage where I live and work.

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