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Server working 100%

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Everything is working fine with the server now.
Was able to track down a 2nd hand DRAC5 card for free.
got a bit of a project to get my hands on a descent storage box that can use iscsi, however, that’s expencive..
so far the best choice is a synology nas. cheapest descent one I found was about €120. (+ disk).
I have some 300GB disks, so that would work as a short term solution while I save up money for some more juicy disks.
The good things with those is the scalability since you can plug in external e-sata disks or drive bays.. and the fact that they support iSCSI.
The iomega box I have now doesnt support iscsi or nfs. (and esx doesnt support samba… hyper-V does. so might stick hyper-V 2k12 in on the server at a later stage when the VCP exam is in box.)

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