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And USA are playing world president again..

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Here is an article I found in the newspaper today stating that the US are trying to press the norwegian authorities to stop all talks with HAMAS. Why? Because they have the belief that its not a good thing to make peace in the middle east. My theory is that it would cut down on the lucrative business with armsdealing to both sides of the conflict there which have been a large part of the US economy for the last 50 years. (arms dealing to both sides of conflicts all over the world accually).

I find it rather peculiar that the US gouvernment have tyhis twisted view that because they have a insane military force they believe they can rule the world. they got a larger military force than most of the countries in the world combined. and that is cause for concern.
so far its the US president that is the supreme commander of this force, and if he decides to nuke some country, he can on his own initiative, give the command to one of the ballistic subs, and that country gets erased from the map.
At this time the US president is a raving mad man. And that can mount to a big problem. the only thing keeping him in cheq I guess is the knowledge that if he tries to pull a fast one there is another country capable of erasing the unites states from the map, and that one si Russia. the way I see it, they got more power over the US than any other country because they are the only country able to strike back.. too bad they have given themself the status as a “neutral” country on the same line as Sweden and Switzerland.

I hope the next president in the US will understand that there is no need fro that kind of a military force and reallocate some of the military budget to things that matter, like education and health care in the country. (Opposed to bush that increased the military budget as soon as he got the job.) so far the education level and health level in public schools and hospitals have dropped to the lowest in recorded history. And that is in a country defining themselves as “the best country to live in on the planet”. (is that self glorification or what?).

its gonna be interesting to see what bullshit they will try pulling next..

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