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a couple of interesting things.

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These couple of weeks there has been little writing on the blog for me. I’ve been busy with many other things.

Last night I went to see the movie “the davinchi code” a very interesting movie, based on Dan Browns bestselling book by the same name.
I really liked the book, its one of the best novels I’ve read in quite some time. So ofcause I had some expectations to the film. and I was really blown away by the way they managed to transform the book into the film.
One of the things that really made me go “WOW” was the incredible CGI graphics. and how special effects was put in so it accually followed the movie without dominating it.
I can clearly see why that book has caused so much debate, but why many religious people see it as a book that can rock the very foundations of christianity is something I cannot understand. Its a novel, NOT a educational book, and it lays no claims what so ever to be a fact book.
The big problem is that many religious societies have a serious problem seing the difference between facts and fiction. The davinchi code is a fiction book wich is based on legends, myths and facts. but it has never been, or never been intended to be a book of pure facts of any kind.

I recommend everybody to read the book and see the movie. While putting their criticism and religious beliefs beside. they have nothing to do with reading a novel or watching a movie.

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  1. Well, i know a few people, and not societies, that are very hooked on the subject. maybe cause their fate isnt that big in something they were taught to believe, and is simply isnt working for them. i admit that religious society, specially the catholic one, accentues the fact of why people might not believe anymore, bla bla, but people like me, i cant careless about the book or the movie, and isnt going to change my believes. i could see it as any other given movie, not like anything else. but other people.. cant.. anyway, is their own perspective.

    Comment by Isabel — 14/06/2006 @ 23:09

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