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howdy from Mexico

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Now I’m sitting here in Reynosa (northern Tamaulipas, on the texas border).
Its hot, very hot. we had breakfast about an hour ago. and now we are resting a bit before we are going to go downtown in this large industrial city. and since it is an industrial city, thats what it looks like..
One thing I find interesting is that its very difficult to find a descent cup of coffee here. and that electronic stuff is so expencive. (about 15-25% more than in norway).
its not much better in mc. allen. (the name of the same city, just the side that is in texas).

One thing that I have allso missed here is that someone somehow figured out that in a modern computer its enough with 128 or 256MB memory.. at cybers here I have seen that they got good computers, they just dont care about putting enough memory in them.. and the employees say the computers are slow… I got a feeling that it would help to put in more memory than the minimum requirement to run windows XP.
I think one of the reasons why they dont use much memory in computers is cause the memory cost 2-3 times more thn it cost in norway.
there 1 gig DDR2 cost about 700 nkr. and ehre it cost about 1200 nkr for 512MB ddr…
I think they got very high taxes on computer equipment here.

anyway. this cyber is getting incredibly hot. so I’m getting out in the “cold”.

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  1. maybe then you have to open a consultant office and you can advise those that doesnt know asm much as you do bebe. and i really hope you are enjoying your stay here, cause i know that im enjoying so much that you are with me

    Comment by Isabel — 27/06/2006 @ 19:21

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