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Mexico = a nice country.

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At the moment I’m at a cyber at a mall in Reynosa, outside its hot as an oven, but here its a nice temperature. (long live aircondition).
I’ve noticed that most malls here are BIG. very BIG. alot of stores in one place, and no need to go outside in the heat before going home.
The beaches are very nice, and the seabreese and warm water is perfect:)
another thing i like is that things are alot cheaper here than in norway. (anything that is not computer stuff that is… computer stuff is allmost twice the price as norway).

on thing I dont like though is that there is cocroaches.. big cocroaches..
this morning when I was doing the dishes, a big roach can crawling out of the drain.. how the hell it got in there is a mystery to me. but it ended with the roach waking up dead when I caught it.. getting stept on is aparently one of the few things the little bastards are not able to survive.
I allso saw a rattlesnake when I was on my way to the bus. it was dead though.. looked like it had a rather unfortunate meeting with the tires of a car.
“we remember mister Rattle as a nice family friendly snake that met his demise at a young age. Rest in peace mr. Rattle”

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  1. yeah.. we must remember Mr. Rattle as someone that gave us so funny stories and some scary ones as well, but in the end, lets vow our heads for his memory.
    Descanse en paz, Mr. Rattle

    Comment by Isabel — 27/06/2006 @ 20:09

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