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Here in Mexico the weather has been very nice for the duration if my vacation here.
the last days its been raining a little though.
we went to Tampico for the weekend. on saturday it was raining like crazy, but on sunday the weather was really nice, so we decited to go to the beach. a very nice place to spend a nice day. after the day at the beach ended, we noticed that we both got a bit sunburned. I got the worst burn though.. probably has something to do with the fact that I’m from a country where we dont have this much sun..
anyway, when we got back to Reynosa early yesterday morning, it was raining here too. and last night we had a real shower.. water came into the house through the windows. kinda annoying having to get up to shut the windows when you finally find a comfortable position to sit while watching tv..

unfortunatly I only got 2 weeks left before going back to Norway.. I wish I could stay alot longer. I really like being in Mexico.


  1. then stay kosebamse.. you dont need to leave. ur family is in Mexico.. you belong here, with me. te mamo kjaere min when you return, a couple of arms will be waiting for you.
    eg elsker deg Vidar

    Comment by Isabel — 04/07/2006 @ 18:11

  2. for those of you that speak spanish.. ignore the first “m” in te amo..!

    Comment by Isabel — 04/07/2006 @ 18:13

  3. Jeg må også dra tilbake førstkommende fredag. Veldig trist. Forstår deg som ingen andre. Men det ordner seg. Stå på. Snakkes i Bergen.

    Comment by Ruslan — 10/07/2006 @ 01:05

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