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Soon time for WoW expansion set.

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Zinit @ 22:51

I have, as many others been waiting for the “burning crusade” expansion set for WoW. that is sceduled for reoease late this year. some say august, some say september, some even say desember…
I hope its gonna come soon. cant wait to see what new things are gonna be there. I’ve heard its gonna be a new continent, and there is gonna be 2 new races.
I’ll be waiting for it, and I hope its worth the wait.

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  1. /sch/eduled for release. gonna is not an engish word. it is an informal contraction of the phrase going to. cant similarly should be can’t or cannot.

    This concludes today’s lesson 😀

    Comment by Sindre — 21/08/2006 @ 14:52

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