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Milk actually contains MILK???

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I went shopping yesterday. one of the things I bought was milk. when I got home I saw on the side of the carton a interesting label..
“allergy notice: contains milk”
WHAT?? there is actually milk, in a carton of milk?? wow, I didnt know that.. thought it has apple juice or something else good..
hmm.. guess some people really dont understand that.. when you buy a carton that sais “low fat milk” on. it actually need a label telling you that it contains milk..
where’s the logic?
I can understand that it sais there is milk in some types of bread or other products that has milk in it since there are people that cant drink milk. but to have a warning that it has milk on the side of a carton of milk is sort of overkill… after all, its a carton of MILK!!!!
well, well.. guess some people need some extra confirmation..

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